Sunday, 19 May 2013

Why I stopped browsing with free browsing cheats

Just yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine posted how to send free SMS with MTN. But I've already made up my mind not to engage in anything that my conscience tells me that is wrong.

I was once interested in browsing with cheats, as a matter of fact, I was searching for them. Numerous sites are built for the sole aim of providing these cheats and tricks.
I thank God today because I've decided to call a spade what it is. Free browsing cheats is wrong and it's a sin. For those of you who don't care if you're living in sin or not, this article is definitely not for you.

why I stopped this sinful act
Many people will tell you that these network providers are exploiting us and that's their reason for doing what they are doing. Well, you may be right but that's not enough reason to cheat thereby disobeying God.

Someone like me who have plans to own big empires tomorrow which may even include telecommunication companies such as these current ones we have now. If I end up cheating on them now, it'll be very disastrous during my time because I'll definitely reap bountiful fold of the seed that I've sown. I don't want such to happen so I'll no longer browse with cheats.

The devil is very wise and he is using all this little sins to trap the children of God. I urge you to make up your mind to stop this right now if you are doing it and then go extra-mile to recognize other minor and socially integrated weapon that the devil is using against you.
I'll list my personal reasons for stopping this sinful act below, but yours may be more or less.

1. As I said earlier, my conscience is telling me to stop it that it's wrong.

2. I personally knew that cheating was a sin but have been avoiding it just for the benefits of unlimited downloads and the likes that I derive from them. But now, with the help of the holy spirit, I'm able to resist this temptation.

3. I've always longed to maintain a good relationship with God, and I noticed that browsing with free browsing cheats was a dent to the level of purity that I want to attain.

4. As I explained above, I've plans to own big companies and do great things in future, so I don't want to sow a bad seed that will affect me negatively tomorrow.These are the reasons why I stopped cheating because that's what it actually is. And amazingly, since I stopped, God has been providing enough money for me to subscribe for internet bundles. That's enough conviction that God is in support of the bold step that I've taken.

I know you may have contradictory opinion to what I've written here today but this is what I've decided to do and there's no going back. I just hope that you'll find similar reasons to live a pure and holy life that is accepted by God.

Be unique, creative and innovative.


  1. God bless u. Neva luk back. Ppl should pls stop it. it's a sin. If u'r seriousl¥ going to Heaven u sure its bad to use cheat. I stoped using cheats a long time ago. Am hapi and blessed todae. Thank U JESUS. Remain blessed bro. See u in Heaven

  2. I'm happy that you were able to make this decision. You'll go far in life if you keep making this kind of difficult decisions,Knowing that you have access to unlimited internet and you're not using it because it's wrong.

    I'm glad that you're among the few that have decided to be different.

    God will prosper you.

  3. God bless you my dear brother,i didn't know we still have people like you in Naira land and for your company,God has perfected every thing just for taking this decision.just be faithful in tithing and offerings and you have no enough room to store his blessing on you.

    1. Thanks and God bless you too bro. Thanks for the piece of advice, I'll surely be faithful with my tithes and offerings.

  4. Blesse be the name of Jesus. I never knew there are people that still think right in this perversed world. It was d urge to discover how legal these tricks are that made me browse first and see this post, because my conscience couldn't allow me use them, though I've used it once long time ago, but then I never knew they were called tricks or cheats until later.
    Because of what my conscience was saying I sought and found this sight to be confirm it.
    God bless u my brother, more grace on u I pray.